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No matter whether you’ve been a fan of his since he released his first book as James Clemens, discovered his writing through his standalone novels or have read all the Sigma Force series, we have everything you need to know about all of James Rollins’s books.

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Bibliography – This lists all his books in alphabetical order

Books In Order – This page has a list of all the James Rollins books in chronological order

Sigma Force Series – Discover more about the New York Times bestselling series featuring the Sigma Force

Tucker Wayne Series – Find out more about the books that feature former Army Ranger Tucker Wayne

Standalone Novels – Here’s a list of all of James Rollins’s books that aren’t part of a series

The Godslayer Chronicles – This page has details about the series written under his other pen name of James Clemens

The Order Of The Sanguines Series – Discover more about the series he wrote with Rebecca Cantrell

The Banned And The Banished Series – This lists all of the Wit’ch books he published as James Clemens

Jake Ransom Series – Find out more about the children’s stories he wrote that featured Jake Ransom

Short Stories – This page has a list of all the short stories written by James Rollins

James Clemens Books – Several of his novels were written under the pseudonym James Clemens, so this page has information about all of those

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